Saturday, 7 June 2014

You get knocked down... You GET BACK UP!

I always hear people say, "I never want to fail!" Fair enough it's very discouraging when you fail, but wouldn't you rather fail in the beginning stages and learn from it than failing in the middle or when you've made it. Personally I'd rather fail and get it over and done with, not to say that I want it to happen but what I'm saying is that, I will work my butt off in everything I do and when it happens that I do fail, I'd rather have it in the beginning of my journey so that I learn from it and grow and not make the same mistake again. Failure is a learning curve that we all need to learn from whether it is from your mistakes or from others around you. GET BACK UP that's all I'm saying because failure is inevitable we just got to GET BACK UP when we get knocked down. And also we cannot fear failure, we shouldn't think about it at all, it shouldn't be a factor in our lives, if it happens it will happen but we cannot have it in our thoughts constantly and we definitely cannot fear it, all we can do is learn from it.

Peace, Love and Happiness!


greatest sports quotes - motivational- I need to shape up and not be such a wimp! :P

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