Saturday, 7 June 2014

Road to success EP29... Miami Fashion Blogger!

Juliana's Road to Success:

Name: Juliana Cardona

Occupation: Legal Secretary

Goal: My goal is to make my passion my full time job. 

What is success? I think success goes hand in hand with my goal in life. To me being successful just means doing what you love and when you love something you will produce the best you can give.

What success have you achieved? I think my main success was just actually starting my blog, I hesitated for years and I finally had the courage to do it and since that day it has brought me so many connections with people and has taught me so much about what I truly want to do.

What success are you yet to achieve or want to achieve? I think life is a constant pursuit of finding success so I don't think I will ever finish doing it all. I do want to eventually become a professional fashion blogger. That would be great to achieve.

All the best on your road to success Juliana...

Visit her blog A Fashion Soiree on for her fashionable looks and more fashion related articles. I Love Her Blog! <3
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Yes you can. You can do ANYTHING you believe in, dream of, want to do.  You are UNSTOPPABLE! Take it one step at a time, trust yourself and BELIEVE!

take time

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