Tuesday, 17 June 2014

See it, Say it and Seize it!

Short but Powerful!

Had an amazing service at church on Sunday. My pastor spoke about how we need to approach our goals, dreams and our hearts' desires. He spoke about how we need to SEE our dreams as in visualize what we really want and visualize ourselves having those things. Secondly he then spoke about saying it. You got to SAY to yourself and the universe that you Will get whatever it is that you want. You need to reconfirm and remind yourself that this is what you want and that you will get it. You need to say it so you can believe it. Last thing he said was to SEIZE all that you want. So work hard towards the things you want. Take those steps to get to the top, build brick by brick till you have a wall. Do whatever you can to get the things you want. Pray, push, believe, commit and be persistent. 

•See it!
•Say it! 
•Seize it!

This was powerful for me. It just goes to show that no matter where you look or what you read or hear, the ingredients and 'steps' to success never change. There's no easy road but trust me it'll be worth it! It'll not happen as fast as lightning or even at a blink of an eye but if you can be patient then guaranteed you will achieve all your dreams and your heart's desires. Be confident in yourself, see your dream, say it loud and seize it.

And always remember! You need to first believe in your dreams before anyone else can! 

Peace, Happiness and Success! 



  1. the law of attraction....we are who we are today because of our thoughts....A goal is a dream with a deadline, we need to write down our goals...visualize can be in many forms so yes....that imaginary board we all have...works wonders...only if u believe

    1. Hi Malebogo :)

      Thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you on everything you have said. We are definitely what we think. If we choose to think positive thoughts, then we tend to live more positive lives and same goes for negative thoughts. Visualization of our goals and dreams are a must! And lastly we have to believe!