Tuesday, 28 April 2015

We all have that place within us where everything is possible. Where our biggest dreams come from. Find that place within yourself where nothing is impossible!

Giant leaps to Success...: We all have that place within us where everything ...

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Here you go...

Movie Review - The Secret: Law of Attraction

I know I'm way behind and that 'The Secret' is 'out of fashion' or not as cool as it was but trust me you'll want to read this. The first time I heard about the secret I was 18 years old - that's 6 years ago. I found it to be very intriguing and I really learnt from it. Over the years I forgot about it until just a few months ago on Youtube when I stumbled upon the movie. So after watching it, with excitement I decided to write a review about it for you guys to read. It's all of a sudden but I guarantee if you can just give it a read, you too will enjoy it. 

In the review I will basically summarize the movie for you and note down the key points and then I will also include the movie so you too can enjoy and learn a few things. Disclaimer: This is my opinion of the movie, some of the phrases are from the movie but mostly my words. Please do not feel entitled to feel the same way. I may have enjoyed it but doesn't mean you will too (although I really hope you do)! 

Before I get started I just also want to let you all know that I challenged myself to incorporate these things in my life and I kid you not things started changing. Obviously it wasn't an instant change as I watched the movie in October last year and I started noticing change about a month or 2 later. I started living a more positive life (having positive thoughts and a positive mind is essential), I began to be more grateful and thankful for all the things I have, I would declare things over my life and I started saying daily affirmations (There will be a post on affirmations soon). Just by doing those little changes in my life I started to feel more positive, more and more positive things were happening to me and to my life. I am Christian but I still believe that You are responsible for your own success and happiness. I firmly believe in 'What you think, You become' and I also stand by 'Positive mind, Positive life'. I don't know about you but for me even when times are hard or I'm having a bad day, just having a positive outlook or thinking about all the things I've been blessed with and showing gratitude towards those things and my family & friends, it really cheers me up and reminds me to stay confident. It reminds me that whatever I may be going through, that it too shall pass and whatever I may be facing, that I am strong enough to get through it. For every up there's a down and when I reach a low I know that high is coming. 

If I can emphasize on one thing in life it's to ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL! You never know when it'll be gone and you never know if you'll ever get it back. This past week we bid farewell to a school mate. One thing everyone adored about him was the fact that he was always jolly and was practically friends with everyone. He was loved by many because of the amazing and kind person he was. None of us thought he'd be gone so soon but it happened... May his soul rest in peace. So what I'm saying is be grateful and always appreciate those who care about you. 

What is 'The Secret' about? Well it basically teaches us how to speak things into existence. It can be anything, even if it sounds unrealistic to you. What you must remember though is that it takes time and you shouldn't give up if you don't see immediate change, stay positive and continue speaking life into your goals and dreams. Why is it relevant to the blog? Well because I truly believe that everything begins with the mind. If you can have a strong mind and foundation then you can do anything. If you can feed your mind positive things and believe you achieved your goals and dreams before you physically have then you will eventually achieve it. Like I said 'What we think, We become' so I know if we can think we are successful and act like we are successful then surely we will become successful. 

Below is the review and my summary of what the key points were in the movie...

The Secret: Law of Attraction

  1. Think about what you want - good thoughts.
  2. Have good emotions. Think about what makes you feel good.
  3. Make sure you: Ask (What do you really want?) Believe (Unwavering FAITH, believe you've already received it.) and Receive
  4. Powerful Process:  - Gratitude (Be thankful)                                                                         - Visualize (Dwell upon the end result and feel yourself having it).
  5. If you are having money issues, Say money comes easily and frequently and believe it.
  6. Whether you're single or in a relationship always Treat yourself like how you want others to treat you, take care of yourself, make yourself whole, see your own beauty, love yourself and you'll then be able to love others. Focus on what you appreciate in your partner. You create your own happiness! Your joy lies within you.
  7. If you are suffering from poor health: The mind plays an important role in healing! Do not focus on the diseases, don't be negative and don't stress. Focus on the healing, good thoughts. 


  • "Man becomes what he thinks about."
  • "What you resist, persists." - C. G. Jung
  • "Energy flows where attention goes." Focus on the positive and not the negative!
  • There's more than enough money, love, joy, power and good to go around! There's enough for everyone!
  • Get hungry and intentional for what you want.
  • Focus on what you want, always!
  • Inner happiness is the fuel for success.

**Note:I do not own the movie or any copyrights to it. I apologize for the quality it is a pretty old movie. Please enjoy and I hope it changes your life too!

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Let go...

So true

Road to success EP71!

Tayla's Road To Success:

Name: Tayla Calcott

Occupation: "2nd year BCom Business Management student at Tuks."

Goals: "I plan to complete my BCom as well as a bridging year and honours in publishing at Tuks. I would then like to go on to work in marketing for the publishing houses that create publications I enjoy reading today."

What is success? "Success is consistently making the best of what we have and the satisfaction one recieves from small or big improvements made in any facet of one's life."

What success have you achieved? "Success is such an ongoing, long term process that it's difficult to pinpoint large milestones. I recently started my own blog called TwentyCollective and even though the growth rate is relatively slow, I still have high hopes for its success as I try my best to post only quality, informative pieces that will appeal to my audience instead of focusing on quantity."

What success do you want to achieve? "I would like to get to a point where the audience of my blog can take away useful, practical advice and information that they, as consumers, can use to become more aware of what's out there in the South African market as opposed to mainstream consumption."

All the best on your road to success Tayla...

Visit her stunning blog TwentyCollective at twentycollective.wordpress.com and follow Tayla on twitter @tayla_calcott.

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Road to success EP70!

Jess' Road To Success:

Name: Jess van Wyk

Occupation: Student and Fashion Blogger

Goals: "I would love to live in Paris for a while and then New York. Those cities really do something to my soul and I really feel like I need to experience them fully. 

Another goal is love the job I end up doing and I really hope it has something to do with creating, fashion and travel.

A major goal is to be a part of making Vogue South Africa happen.

I would also love to start a catering/events company with my sister."

What is success? "I think one achieves success when they feel proud and happy with work they have done. Success is not measured on how much money you can make, it's measured on how much you love what you're doing. It's also measured on hard work."

What success have you achieved? "I have done well in my studies, but didn't necessarily enjoy them very much. But I felt I succeeded because I worked extremely hard for the results I achieved.

I regard joining the TGETHER blog network as a major success and there are other plans in the works which I am really proud of."

What success do you want to achieve? "I am yet to achieve my goals!"

All the best on your journey to success Jess...

Visit her lovely blog The Fashion Freckle at thefashionfreckle.tgether.co.za and follow her on twitter @JessVanWyk

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

One Year Anniversary!

It's been a year people...

A year ago on the 4th of April I had a brilliant idea to start Giant Leaps To Success - It literally just happened. I woke up and reflected on everything I had been through, all the failures, the ups & downs and all the people and things that helped me through those times. I decided I wanted to help people who were going through the same things I did. I wanted to positively impact people's lives and I want my blog to be there for people who feel alone and lost. A year later and those dreams are coming true. 

I've managed to build this blog from the bottom up, not alone of course, I've received a lot of help from my boyfriend and family and all of the readers. I reached 20 000 views before a year hit and for that I am eternally gratefully. I've managed to have an increase in followers on all my social media accounts and that makes me happy! I will not lie I had expectations and I'm glad I reached them all. I want to thank all the readers who've been supporting and reading all my posts and for all your comments and to the new readers where have you been (Just Kidding)?! To all the new readers I welcome you and wish you a happy stay at Giant Leaps To Success

I'm looking forward to the growth of this blog and to many more followers and readers. I want to thank all the people who have contributed their 'Road To Success' stories and I wish you all the best on the future and on your journeys. Your contribution is much appreciated. 

Here's to more wonderful things to come and to a bigger and more influential blog...

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Seize The Day!

Wake up. Seize the day. Go to bed. Repeat.

Road to success EP69!

Bronwyn's Road To Success:

Name: Bronwyn Hoedermaker

Occupation: Freelance transcriptionist and beauty blogger at Mother City Mom.

Goals: "My transcription work is interesting and pays the bills (almost), but as beauty and skincare is a passion of mine I would love to be able to do something income-generating in this field. Whether it is a new job completely or being able to blog full time, this is something I would love to achieve."

What is success? "Success is relative. When I started blogging I considered it a success when I reached my first 10,000 views and my first 1,000 subscribers. Hitting milestones is a measure of success and it is an ongoing and cumulative thing. My definition of success now is if people have a desire to interact with me, whether it is readers commenting on my posts, or brands who want me to review their products. This shows my hard work is being recognized. I think the ultimate success would be the ability to do what you love on a full-time, sustainable basis."

What success have you achieved? "I try not to look at my statistics very often because this can sometimes undermine one's confidence. When compared to other bloggers who have achieved what I would consider to be a high measure of success, I don't feel particularly successful myself. But I suppose that I've gone from my first blog post two years ago to 85,000 views, I've built some good relationships with PR representatives and have even signed a media contract with a particular brand. I am quite pleased with the growth in my blog Instagram account and how much people interact with me there, asking for product advice and makeup tips. It is definitely my fastest-growing and most engaging platform. So I feel that my blog has gained some small recognition, even though I still have a long way to go."

What success do you want to achieve? "I haven't gotten to the point where my blog is income-generating, so this obviously restricts the amount of time I have to devote to it. Blogging is very time consuming and a lot of effort goes into maintaining a blog and related social media accounts, often with very little reward. I still want to achieve a higher number of readers and create content which people engage with more (I get very few comments and requests on my blog currently and interacting with readers is very rewarding). My long-term goals include improving the quality of my website, attracting the attention of brands I would love to work with, and ultimately having my input valued in the 'industry'."

Wishing you only the best on your journey to success Bronwyn...

Visit her lovely blog Mother City Mom at www.mothercitymom.com and follow on twitter @BronwynH1981.

Peace. Happiness. Success.

inspirational quotes we #levolove

Road to success EP68!

Amanda's Road To Success:

Name: Amanda Jessica Looi

Occupation: "Currently a student at the University of Witwatersrand. Studying BAccSci. CA(SA) in the making."

Goals: "Hmmm... My short term goal would be to pass my degree and become a Chartered Accountant. Long term goal, I would like to be successful in everything I do, to help people and to try make a difference in some way."

What is success? "Success is perseverance in my eyes. It is the will power to never give up. Any person can accomplish something first time around and be applauded, but the people that keep on attempting it until they get it are the ones that really succeed and is what sets them apart from the rest. I think it takes great motivation, personality and strength to not walk away from something that wasn't accomplished first time around. That will power to face whatever it is you may have failed and say "Let me try this again!". I take my hat off to those kinds of people. Don't get me wrong, I am not taking anything away from the people who could succeed at it the first time at all!"

What success have you achieved? "I am graduating this year! So that was a major accomplishment for me! Definitely something I am proud of and will count as a success. Another success would be starting my blog 'The Looi Look'. I have always wanted to start a blog having followed so many international and local fashion bloggers. Just starting my very own was a big success to me. It was a big step for me and took a lot of guts and a lot of motivation to "put myself out there" in a way. Not knowing how it would grow to what it has become in such a short space of time, was definitely a great success to me! I have mainly enjoyed watching it grow! And posting and sharing what I enjoy to readers out there is my main focus."

What success do you want to achieve? "Getting my Honours and further Chartered Accountancy are a definite to name a few. And seeing what my blog has the potential to become."

All the best on your road to success Amanda...

Visit her amazing blog The Looi Look at thelooilook.blogspot.com and follow her on twitter @the_looi_look.

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Monday motivation #levolove

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Have a little Faith!

How it's meant to be..

Road to success EP67!

Mishka's Road To Success:

Name: Mishka Patel

Occupation: "I fill my days with motivational speaking, energy efficiency workshops at underpriveleged schools, I am an environmentalist and a business woman, a brand ambassador (Minelliart Celebrity Nail Artist, Urban Beauty, Tinseltown, For the Winning Consultants) and spokeperson for many organisations (Child Welfare South Africa, Elephants Alive, Toys for Africa, Lee Bromley Golf Foundation, Ergo Sport, CMIYC (fitness/running) in CPT) and a Cover Model Management Model (CPT)"

Goals: "My one and only goal is to make a difference. In the minds and lives of todays youth. To empower and inspire young and old, by living an inspirational and motivational life. I believe in women empowerment and to lead, rather than to follow. I am a dreamer, but most importantly a do-er."

What is success? "Success to me is waking up every morning, knowing that you are living a life of purpose and knowing that you are making a difference."

What success have you achieved? "Miss South Africa 2014 top 12 Finalist, Miss Veet 2014 Runner up, Miss Earth South Africa National Finalist. The biggest success is knowing what I do is making a difference. I thrive to be an inspiration on every platform I can find. I believe we need to live a life of purpose. I found mine at the age of 22 and that is to lead, educate, inspire and motivate. To work with young minds and help them discover and thrive towards their biggest dreams. It warms my heart to know that I have inspired others around me to look above and beyond their circumstances and to be the best they can be."

What success do you want to achieve? "I am in the process of launching my own little business. I don't want to mention it yet, but I want to take 'Mishka Patel' to a whole new level. 2015 is a big year. I want to take my passion and love I have for life and put it into one official business. I am only 22, the sky is the limit. It is only the beginning. And right now, I am flying."

My motto for 2015:

"There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach" - John S. Herrington" 

Wishing you success on all your goals and dreams Mishka and continue inspiring and living a purposeful life...

Follow Mishka:

Instagram - Mishy13x
Facebook Page - Mishka Patel

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Road to success EP66!

Nastassja's Road To Success:

Name: Nastassja Petersen

Occupation: "Currently I'm Content Editor for a Parenting website and entrepreneur Image Consultant."

Goals: "My goals are many. Professionally I want to build my brand and I have lots of projects in store. When I'm dead, my dreams should still be very alive. I just want to walk in my calling."

What is success? "I think success is living your purpose and doing what you love. The journey is long, and the goalpost will always be moved, so true success is if you're living every day to the full. You may have nothing tangible to show, but be very successful because no two people have the same purpose. Your purpose may be to encourage, and you could be successful if you're seeing the fruits of that purpose - even if your wallet's empty."

What success have you achieved? "Oh wow. I've enjoyed success in different aspects of my life. My big personal success is my family life, while professionally I'm successful because I experience many small victories as I chase my dreams. As a child I wanted to be what I am today. Of course I'm still growing but I'm so thankful to do what I love. "

What success do you want to achieve? "Again, the list is endless. There are many small goals that I want to achieve success with. It includes big projects like a book that is years overdue and small projects like getting my business registered. Lots of stuff I want to do. But the biggest success I want to achieve is for God to call me a good and faithful servant, in all of this I hope to give Him the glory."

All the best on your road to success Nastassja...

Visit her amazing blog Mrs Rogero at www.mrsrogero.com and follow her on twitter @MrsRogero.

Peace. Happiness. Success.