Monday, 20 April 2015

Road to success EP71!

Tayla's Road To Success:

Name: Tayla Calcott

Occupation: "2nd year BCom Business Management student at Tuks."

Goals: "I plan to complete my BCom as well as a bridging year and honours in publishing at Tuks. I would then like to go on to work in marketing for the publishing houses that create publications I enjoy reading today."

What is success? "Success is consistently making the best of what we have and the satisfaction one recieves from small or big improvements made in any facet of one's life."

What success have you achieved? "Success is such an ongoing, long term process that it's difficult to pinpoint large milestones. I recently started my own blog called TwentyCollective and even though the growth rate is relatively slow, I still have high hopes for its success as I try my best to post only quality, informative pieces that will appeal to my audience instead of focusing on quantity."

What success do you want to achieve? "I would like to get to a point where the audience of my blog can take away useful, practical advice and information that they, as consumers, can use to become more aware of what's out there in the South African market as opposed to mainstream consumption."

All the best on your road to success Tayla...

Visit her stunning blog TwentyCollective at and follow Tayla on twitter @tayla_calcott.

Peace. Happiness. Success.

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