Friday, 27 June 2014

Road to success EP35!

Kamogelo's Road to Success:

Name: Kamogelo Mafokwane

Occupation: Fashion Blogger and Stylist in London and Johannesburg; and London College of Fashion Student

Goal: "My goal in life, is to to make a difference in the community around me and then eventually the world through the means of fashion."

What is success? "I truly believe that success is not letting others define who you will be or what you will be in life. I believe you need to fall in love with yourself so that you are confident in achieving your very own best.  It’s about trusting in God and the process of accomplishing your dream that has a purpose in life. It’s about using your failures and turning them into victories. Your only enemy is yourself. You have two choices in life: wake up and chase your dreams or carry on sleeping and keep dreaming about them. Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

What success have you achieved? "Success doesn't always have to be the bigger picture. Each and every small achievement and blessing I have till now is a success for me. My success is the little achievements I make in a day, week or month, whether it is a new business venture or something as simple as an email of appreciation from a reader. I've been very blessed to be a fashion blogger and student with international exposure and to meet and work with many people in the fashion industry, so for now that is the greatest success I've achieved."

What success are you yet to achieve or want to achieve? "I really would love to make an impact in the fashion industry in South Africa with the international exposure I have. I also would love to make a difference in people’s lives and the less-fortunate community through the fashion industry. Our country has so many beautiful, intelligent and ambitious people that are interested or are in the fashion industry that could help make the difference in our community. There are so many different ways to teach and reach out to people in the community, we just need a new and creative way to do it. Fashion is one of the approaches I would take in life to make an impact in the community and I trust that God will guide me in achieving this in the future."

All the best on your road to success Kamogelo...

Visit her grand fashion blog WILLKATE at and follow her on twitter @MissMafokwane.


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You Are The Entire Ocean - Rumi

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