Friday, 27 June 2014

Road to success EP36!

Malebogo's Road to Success:

NameMalebogo Oldjohn

Occupation "I am an Oracle Solaris 10 system Administrator."

Goal: "My goals is to change the world and impacting lives...I want to be a top selling author and my message must be able to touch and change lives of people globally regardless of race and sex."

What is success? "We have different ways of defining success but I believe success is when dreams are turned into reality...yes living a life of your dreams according to me is success."

What success have you already achieved? "I am an upcoming speaker...I have successfully changed the people I have spoken to so far, through my knowledge of life and again people who read my blog gave me a positive feedback. Through one of my posts Purpose and Identity many people have been saved many did no realize, how important that is, so after reading that blog they realized how important it is to know who you are and where you come from... most importantly to know that your creator formed you for a reason and that is the reason why we are still alive.."

What success are you yet to achieve or want to achieve? "Success I still want to achieve... it is obviously to finish writing my book... a book that will have a powerful message of course."

Good luck on your road to success Malebogo...

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Work where you love to shop! #Fashion #LOFTgirl #AnnTaylor

Work where you love to shop! #Fashion #LOFTgirl #AnnTaylor


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    1. Hi Malebogo :)

      I should be the one thanking you! I really appreciate your contribution to the blog for sharing with us your wonderful goals and dreams. Good luck with your book, will keep my eyes open for it :) Wishing you all the best and most of all stay true to yourself. Stay Fabulous :)