Saturday, 7 June 2014

I Speak to Myself... To be a better Me for Me!

I needed to share this with you guys. 

I've been practicing to self motivate myself and only say motivating, positive things to myself and about myself. It's only been like 2 or 3 weeks but I see it working and making a difference. The reason I wanted to start doing this was because I had a habit of breaking myself down, not in an abusive way but more in a way of I did not believe in myself much, I didn't entrust myself we a lot of responsibility because I thought I'd let myself and those around me down. I also didn't think I was capable of above and beyond. On the outside though I have a high selfesteem and I carry myself with confidence. Ironic right?! So I decided to change and put more positive thoughts and acts into myself and my mind. I wanted my inside to show like my outside. 

I started to say only good things and encouraging things like "Wow I am amazing today and I am very smart." "I am a blessing ." "I am intelligent." "I can do this or do that." "I can achieve what I want to achieve." "I am one smart person." "I am prosperous, I am loved, I have the mind of Christ, I am highly favored, I am blessed." Seems like little things to say right? And definitely hard to believe that they can make such a difference in your life. Well they actually do work and they do make a difference. I'm more positive internally now then I was before. Obviously still have a long way to go but I'll get there, one week at a time and one motivating sentence at a time. This helped so much that when I wrote my exam, literally throughout the whole exam I kept on telling myself that I could do it, that I studied very hard and I'll do very well, I just have to believe I can, I am smart and I remember everything, that God is with me and I can do all things. I walked out that exam room so happy with myself like I didn't just write a test. I was more confident in myself and my brain that I felt like I did really well in the exam. I hope I did (Fingers crossed and continue praying for the best!! LOL!) So it does work.

I'm on a journey of self improvement, self development, self motivation, self loving and just to grow myself as an individual who wants to reach their goals and dreams. My opinion is, in order to achieve Success, you need to trust in yourself and believe in yourself, to know you can do it and to grow positively in the process. Sacrifices have to be made whether it's to have more self control and be more confident internally and externally. I want to push you guys to start being the best You that You can be for yourself. There's always room for improvement. No harm done right?! 

Try it, you won't regret it. 

Peace and Happiness and Success to everyone... 


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