Monday, 30 June 2014

Success Alone!

This is an almost everyday conversation with my sister. We both never really understand why people are selfish with helping other people succeed. I mean I'm not saying give them your secrets and ideas and future projects but help a person out. Some advice, some tips, some direction, some support, that's all people really want. Then you actually find people who want you to be successful just not as successful as them. Yes fair enough I understand, it's always nice being known as the smartest, or the most successful, the wealthiest etc, but how will giving someone some tips or giving them a helping hand stop you from being all those things? I personally think people are selfish with their success. They don't want people around them to succeed or they can succeed just not as much as them. 

Why is that? I don't really understand myself. Maybe it's jealousy or envy or cruelty or just wanting to always feel better and higher than someone else. I don't know if this is in my nature or not because I seem to support all my friends where I can, I have made an inspirational motivational blog to help those who are feeling helpless because I believe that everyone should succeed in life. Also I'm studying medicine and so is my sister so in order for us to be great doctors I believe we should be willing to help anyone who needs help or asks for it not just in terms of saving their lives but also in their every day things, their goals and aspirations too. Which we try our best to do. My boyfriend has a big heart so that also keeps me grounded and goes to show that if people like myself, my sister and boyfriend and many people out there that I know can just give a helping hand and support and inspire, why can't other people do it too? I'm always left in shock when some of the people I support don't support me back knowing very well how much I support them. I don't mind because I at least do have a solid support structure so I'm set but what about those people who don't? 

Another thing that drives me crazy is when friends don't support each other, like we're friends but we in a competition to see who'll make it to the top first. Now there's healthy competition that's more of a 'that's how we motivate each other and give each other goals yet still push each other to succeed'. Now that's fine but those friends who literally don't support you when you support them or when they shrug off your projects and goals knowing very well how much it means to you. That I will never understand. I think if people who are succeeding in their path and their purpose in life could just support and guide and lend a helping hand to those who need it all of us could succeed. I always say that success is never selfish. Success is not only receiving but giving too. 

I don't know about you guys but I not only want to be successful but I also want to be an inspiration, a role model and a mentor to someone or many people. It makes me feel good to know I've helped people or someone, even one life makes a difference. All the riches in the world can never outweigh having a good heart and helping those in need of help. 

So I leave you with this, for those of you who are selfish with success and never support people on their ideas and plans, if you were in need of help would you want someone else to treat you the way you treat those who need your help? If no then why do you treat others that way? If yes well then I commend you. 

Peace, Love and Happiness and remember, Success is never selfish! 


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