Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Road to success EP23!

Nkosinathi's Road to Success:

NameNkosinathi Saint Moshoana

OccupationPartnership Developer (Marketing Industry)

Goal: "My goals in life are various. I approach my life in 5 sectors: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Financial, Relational. Why I do this is because my dreams are big and in order to achieve any big thing I believe the strategy should be to break it down into pieces. 

  • Ultimately - Spiritual: Empty myself, live only to fulfill God's purpose in everything I do and serve the people of the world. 
  • Physical: Health is very important too for different reasons. Firstly, I want to live long so that I can see my children grow and be young and healthy for longer without letting my body stop me from experiencing life's wonders for longer and secondly, as a public figure I have to set examples for family, friends and supporters in order for them to build healthy lifestyles. 
  • Mental: I want to learn new things until the day I die. I want to gain wisdom all through my life. 
  • Financial: I want to make R100Million and more before I retire so that I can spend the latter part of my life giving it away to the less fortunate. 
  • Relational: I want to give and spread as much love as I can until I stop breathing. I want my wife to know that she is and always will be my queen and I want my children to know that they can be anything they want to be in the world."

What is success? "To me, success is Joy, Peace and Fulfillment. But also VERY IMPORTANT - success is a continuous process. In that I mean that success can be described in millions of ways and the attainment of 'success' can be categorized based on endless variables of goals but the golden thread in all these variables is that they all bring us to a place of Joy, peace and fulfillment with where we are at different points in that journey."

What is your success? "The ultimate success that I want to achieve is, when it is time for me to leave the earth, for God to smile at me and say "Son, you have done Me proud." That's what I long for."

All the best on your road to success Nkosinathi...


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