Thursday, 1 May 2014

Road to success EP19!

Wayne's Road to Success:

NameWayne Johnson

OccupationCEO of Blond Moment Creative Media

Goal: "I HAVE TO make Blond Moment an empire and we have to be THE BEST at what we do. I want to get on Forbes just because it's been something I've always wanted. whatever I do, I want to give my it supporting my wife in everything she does, raising my kids, building our Empire, whatever it is, I will have to do the best I can!"

What is success? "In my opinion success is when one gets to a point in life, where they look back...and give themselves a pat on the back and say "I'M HAPPY!!", that to me is Success."

What is your success? 

  • "Being in a loving marriage.
  • To show the young ones that whatever they put their time and effort into, it will most certainly work, FACT!
  • Building our empire with my boys.
  • As a family should be well taken care of, just because they deserve it.
  • Looking back and saying "yeah, wow I am a good example to the young ones coming after me and I'm just happy with the decisions I made".
  • I'm a business man, so money Is also success to me..."

All the best on your road to success Wayne...


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