Thursday, 1 May 2014

Road to success EP18!

Smruti's Road to Success:

NameSmruti Mirchandani

Occupation: "Currently an honours student in chemical engineering."

Goal: "My goal in life is to find my happiness through my goals, may that be through my fitness goals or my chemical engineering career. My ultimate goal in life is to be happy with what I have achieved."

What is success? "According to me success cannot be defined by a monetary value , it's much more than that. Success is setting some goals and finally achieving them, to me that's success. It doesn't have to do with money, everyone's success comes with different goals and these goals don't revolve around being rich. So to me, when someone finally achieves a personal goal they have set for themselves I think that's success in life."

What is your success? "I definitely thought that studying chemical engineering and making some good money will be success but now I have a different goal in mind. As ridiculous as it may sound I just wanna be a fitness freak . Last year I started on my long journey towards being fit and the results have been good but I did realise I liked what I did. I have inspired people on the way by motivating them especially because I knew how it felt to be like them. So my definition of success will be the day I can be a successful personal trainer and I mean feel and look the part and maybe help more girls like me achieve their fitness goals."

All the best on your road to success Smruti...


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