Thursday, 23 October 2014

Road to success EP44!

Nuzhah's Road To Success:

Name: Nuzhah Jacobs

Occupation: Student (grade 12), Entrepreneur (co-owner of The Ramp online jewelry and accessories store) and part-time Fashion and Beauty Blogger.

Goal in life: "To successfully run my own business empire under which I will also have youth entrepreneurship programs which will improve the social and economic positions of many South Africans and in turn reduce the high poverty rate South Africa currently faces."

What is success? "I believe success is measured by the impact that you make on the lives of others. I strongly believe in paying it forward and I would like to do that through my business ventures. I also believe that success is achieved when you are content and happy with yourself (the life that you lead) and continually try to improve on your weaknesses while fully embracing your strengths."

What have you already achieved? "I believe that I lead a life that I can be proud of, helping others wherever I can and I am proud of how much my business has grown since I started it a year and 2 months ago as well as my blog that continues to grow."

What do you want to achieve? "I'd like to achieve my goals and in doing so improve the lives of my fellow South Africans."

All the best on your road to success Nuzhah, so young and smart and definitely a great future ahead of you...

Visit her blog THE RAMPAGE at Follow Nuzhah on twitter @TheRampage_Blog.

P.S I love hearing how young people have great plans and big dreams for their futures and most of all how people still want to help and improve lives of others, very inspiring and admirable!

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Giant leaps to Success...: Road to success EP44!

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