Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Road to success EP40!

Sadé's Road to Success:

Name: Sadé Savings

Occupation: "I am a certified Life Coach & Social Entrepreneur."

Goal in life: "My goals are very much aligned to my passion and purpose in life. My main focus and goal for the next 6 years is to become an expert in my field of personal development and psychological health. This is an area that I am deeply passionate about as it places me in a position to directly and positively impact people's lives in a sustainable manner.

My daily goal is to live a mindful and fully present life. It sounds simple, but it takes quite a bit of commitment and dedication."

What is success? "In my opinion, success is living a life ON purpose. Finding that prefect synchronicity in life that leaves you feeling fulfilled while pursuing your dreams authentically."

What have you already achieved? "For me the greatest success (and failures) I have experienced thus far have definitely been the journey to establishing my own life coaching practice and social business. And not because those two businesses are particularly successful, but more because of what the experience has taught me, and how I have grown through this process."

What do you want to achieve? "Success for me in the next few years will be if I become a high impact entrepreneur in my field of specialty, and to leave the world a little better off for me having been it." 

Wishing you luck on your road to success and may you achieve all your goals Sadé...

Visit her website at and follow her on twitter @sadesavings.

Peace. Happiness. Success.

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

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