Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Road to success EP38!

Reneva's Road To Success: 

Name: Reneva Newman

Occupation: Journalist and Content Producer

Goal in life: "I would really love to own a business one day."

What is success? "Success is being content and always growing and learning. Success isn't always confined to business but I consider it the pinnacle that we all would like to reach in every aspect of our lives."

What have you already achieved? "I am always in the process of gaining knowledge and educating myself. So gaining my degree and working in the industry that I have always wanted to is a success story to me. I have worked for my dream magazine and been a part of projects that have positively influenced other people's lives."

What do you want to achieve? "Gaining my second degree in Education, ticking crazy things off my bucket list, encouraging and helping other women to not hold back and go for what they want."

All the best on your road to success Reneva...

Visit her wonderful blog Pretty Messy at renevanewman7.wordpress.com and follow her on twitter @RenevaD.

Peace. Happiness. Success.
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