Friday, 3 October 2014

9 Tips: Life made simple!

We love to make life complicated. Truth is, Life is simple, we just make it so difficult for ourselves. Start to simplify your life little by little and soon you will be living a simple But Happy and Content life.

Follow these 9 easy tips:

  1. Think Positively. Negative thoughts and a negative mindset only make things worse. Even if you're a realist it doesn't mean you have to be negative. In everything be positive it will help with tips 5, 6 and 9. And trust me it makes life so much greater and that much more worth it.
  2. Exercise Daily. This is a must, there are too many people in this world suffering from lifestyle diseases, diseases that could very well be prevented if you just exercise and eat healthy (tip 3). Exercising has many benefits such as staying in shape, you have energy, reduces fatigue, reduces lifestyle diseases, provides circulation to your body aiding in great skin and so much more. It doesn't have to be exercise in gym, even taking the stairs up to your office or anywhere, taking a 10 minute walk everyday, walk your dog, cycle, a swim at home. There is so much you can do, research it.
  3. Eat Healthy. This tip goes with the tip above. Eating healthy also if not the most important of the 2 tips reduces and prevents lifestyle diseases. I'm not saying that a night out or take-outs are out of the picture, all I'm saying is it should be 5:1, you should be eating more healthy than junk foods. This is a tip I need to take seriously in my life! Definitely!!! And for those of you who don't know, healthy food can be really delicious, you just have to research recipes and give it a chance.
  4. Work Hard. Self explanatory! If you want to succeed and live a comfortable, debt free, luxurious life with no worries about money and your children's education, or food or any other financial issue then you have to work hard. The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Always work hard and work smart. Period.
  5. Stay Strong. There is nothing like a strong person. Strong in their beliefs, their work ethic, their responsibilities and their life. Many of us forget to stay strong. Nothing can take down a strong person. And let's be honest here, in this life we need to be strong because only the strong survive and live this life!
  6. Worry Less. Very Important!! If there's one thing I've learned in life is that worry gets you no where. Worrying does not change the situation, all it does is make you negative, depressed, unhappy and anxious, all the emotions and feelings you do not need in life. If you can change what you're worrying about then don't bother worrying about it, if it is out of your hands then do what I do just pray and hope for the best, for those of you who don't pray then don't worry just hope for the best and then take it from there. Remember to think positive through it all (Tip 1).
  7. Dance More. I love this one. It doesn't have to be in the literal sense. I would change this to ENJOY MORE (the little things and the big things). If we learn to enjoy life now and enjoy the different things in life, this will make life that much more amazing. This will also make us happy (tip 9) and more grateful and closer to our loved ones.
  8. Love Often. Now I know this statement may be misleading. I personal think we need to learn to love. Obviously loving our families and spouses and friends comes naturally. But we also need to give love to people who don't have it like the homeless people who cannot help themselves, people who are unfortunate and needy. Be sincere. Basically love those who need love, help those who need help. And most of all give love a chance. Love can change a person's life, trust me. Love makes the world go round not just money.
  9. Last but not least Be Happy. This is also self explanatory. A happy Life is a Life Worth Living. When you are happy everything seems to fall into place. Being happy and being positive go hand in hand, Being happy also reduces stress which is a very great thing. 
Life Made Simple.
Peace. Happiness. Love. Success.

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