Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Road to success EP52!

Sammy's Road To Success:

Name: Sammy Massyn

Occupation: "Merchandiser and Administrator at Khazimulo Costume Jewelry by day, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at / ice cream eater by night."

Goal in life: "There are so many things that I'd like to achieve in my life, even though I've already ticked a few off my list. There are the general things like having my own place - one that I'm excited to show people and one that I am able to decorate how I see it in my mind. Another goal is to have positive relationships with family members, friends and possibly that "special someone" - finding him is proving to be a little difficult though! It's funny, answering this question now, if I had been asked 7ish years ago I'd have said I want tons of money and a huge house and a Gisele Bundchen body but now, at 24 I genuinely just wish for happiness."

What is success? "A teacher once asked my class this question and some of the answers were things like Ferrari's and mansions and gold bars in a safe, but as you grow older and experience things in love, work and life you realize that success is not only a monetary value. Success can be anything from the smallest things (like learning to drive a car when you never thought you would) to the really huge things (like owning property). I think success is when you've set a specific goal for yourself and you've reached that goal."

What success have you achieved? "I've always wanted to travel overseas so as soon as I matriculated I packed a bag and moved to London for a year and a half. Before I left I didn't really think further than "Go to London" so once I got there I was pretty satisfied that I'd managed to do that all on my own. My mom and I also decided at the beginning of this year that she was going to leave her job in the construction industry and that her and I would start a company from scratch - it's really not as easy as it seems! I believe that having a business, an office space and a client base is a great success so far within our company. And also I can drive a car! I never thought I'd get past stalling!"

What success do you want to achieve? "There are so, so many things that I want to be successful at and things that I'd love to achieve. I want our business to provide stable income for my mom and I. I'd like to be able to go on an awesome vacation to New York City. I'd like to help someone, somewhere along the line (I think every little bit helps), by possibly giving them an employment opportunity within the company or even something as simple as being a good friend when needed. I want to believe in myself as much as I did when I was 5 and thought I could be the pink Power Ranger when I grew up. I want to be happy!"

All the best on your road to success Sammy ...
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Peace. Happiness. Success.

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