Monday, 3 November 2014

Dear Readers!!!

I want to firstly thank all of you who read all my posts and who stay checking in. I want you all to know that I really appreciate it. Your support is amazing. I want to also let you all know that the response to the blog has been phenomenal. I've lost count of how many compliments, positive comments and ‘props’ I've been getting from different people all over the world. It honestly feels so great knowing that slowly but surely people are taking notice of the blog and that it is reaching many lives all over. I’m proud of the blog. Especially as we surpass 10 000 views in a mere 7 months, that on its own is absolutely epic! I will continue trying to inspire and motivate all of you out there to go for your dreams and most of all achieve them regardless of fear and failure.

Thanks again for all the support and for the constant positive and uplifting feedback. Please keep it coming. You guys are awesome!
Peace. Love. Happiness.


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