Monday, 3 November 2014

Road to success EP48!

Nokubonga's Road To Success:

Name: Nokubonga Thusi

Occupation: Beauty Assistant at Marie Claire SA/Part time Blogger.

Goal in life: "To be a top influencer in my industry and live the best, most comfortable life with the people I hold dear."

What is success? "Success to me is living without limitation. When you do that, you do what you love, you keep the right people in your life, go where you want to go and live boundless and according to your destiny or true self. Once you achieve that, the monetary success soon follows before you know it."

What success have you achieved? "I have achieved a great academic background (which I am still thanking to this day), I climbed up the ladder in my previous job and left it to follow my dreams with a suitcase and a plan in the city of gold. I have always wanted to work in fashion and now that I am, every day my dreams are coming true."

What success do you want to achieve? "Climbing the ladder at my current workplace and just discovering my true self that will allow me to build my empire... I want to be on the influencer level of Anna Wintour or Jenna Lyons. My tip for success is learn from those who know. Always surround yourself with people whose success you admire, you will pick up what their habits are and you will see yourself starting on your own unique path of success."

All the best on your road to success Nokubonga. Keep pushing and reaching your goals.

Visit her blog Londam-Holland Blog at and follow her on twitter @ntnt9.

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Quotes - "The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling."

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