Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Road to success EP8!

Kabaenda's Road to Success:

Name: Kabaenda Muwowo

OccupationHealth Sciences Medical Student

Goal: "I really have a passion for travel and leisure. I have a list of places to see and things to do around the world. I want to accomplish at least half of it. I also love to explore and experience different social/cultural activities and take part in extreme sport, for with them I learn, create memories of all sort and I truly am left in a state of happiness. So I suppose my goal in life is to be happy.  To live and to remain driven!!"

What is success? "To me success is a personal and wholesome accomplishment. It is achieving a challenge that YOU set yourself to do. I believe the keys to success are inspiration, perseverance, aspiration and  something really important I can't remember right now. Lol. Your success must do more than just satisfy you:)"

What is your success? "I have ideas. I have dreams. I have goals. But I have not thought about my success.  It is not that easy because my success is a collection of achievements. For now, all I know it definitely involves graduating!"

Good luck on your road to success Kabaenda...


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