Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Road to success EP10!

Monique's Road to Success:

NameMonique Randles 

OccupationMedical student

Goal: "To become a qualified pediatrician, open up numerous NGO health peads centred educational clinics in rural areas."

What is success? "Success to me is living out one's passion while instilling the seed of passion and ambition in the younger generations. Its one thing living out one's own dreams, but to give other people a dream is what I see as successful, bringing up a generation with the same drive and ambition that got you, yourself to your own personal point of success."

What is your success? "I want to encourage the younger generations to push through towards achieving their dreams and educate them on the opportunities available. I want to positively impact the healthcare system by providing quality health that puts the patients first and leaves them with a new sense of awareness of the vital role they play in their own health."

All the best with your road to success Monique...


It's Going To Worth It

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