Monday, 28 April 2014

Road to success EP13!

Mikaela's Road to Success:

Name: Mikaela Eleftheria Frangandonis

OccupationSales Executive

Goal: "Personally, I don’t believe in setting goals. I feel that if we set goals, we put limits on our true potential. Instead, I set milestones, which are significant stages in the development of something - because ultimately, there is always room for improvement, always room for more.  I want to be the voice of the unheard, I want to positively change lives through journalism, and my milestones for life lie in making a wondrous impact on as many lives as God may bring to me."

What is success? "In the world as we know it right now, too many people believe you only reach success when you have money. Success to me however, is when you are beyond content in where you are, who you are, and where life may take you. I don’t believe a person is at the point of success only once a set “goal” is reached. If everyday you wake up and are happy with where, what and who you are RIGHT NOW, then you are a success."

What is your success? "My success is to be happy in all that is my life. The impact I make on others will result in this happiness. For every milestone achieved, is a step in the direction of my ultimate success."

All the best in your road to success Mikaela...


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