Sunday, 13 April 2014

Road to success EP1!

Ziyanda's Road to Success: 

Name: Ziyanda Ndebele

Occupation: Student (Studying Medicine)

Goal: To be a Doctor!

What is Success? "What is success to me?? Hmmm.... Well I think success is a destination you reach when you've achieved you're goals, persevered through hard times and are most importantly happy."

What is your success? "My success is eventually being called Dr Ziyanda Ndebele and knowing that all I've aspired for I have achieved. And I know this will be very difficult but working smart, being disciplined and focused will surely assist me on my way. The Lord has said to be confident and determined and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! Less sleep, working smarter and keeping my eye on the prize is my petrol, water and oil for the journey I'm on."

Well said! 


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