Sunday, 4 October 2015

Road to success EP99!

Vivian's Road To Success:

Name: Vivian Ezike

Occupation: "I am currently a full time student and a part time make-up artist/stylist."

Goals: "My goal in life is to inspire as many people as possible to achieve their dreams and aspirations because I strongly believe everyone has a purpose."

What is success? "Success to me personally is various moments in my life when I feel fulfilled, almost as if a void in my heart is being filled. And this is mostly when I'm doing something selfless and helping other people. "

What success have you achieved? "I have achieved success in my career as a makeup artist and stylist, not only do I make people look outwardly beautiful. I also help them feel beautiful on the inside. Once I've completed a client's makeover, she instantly feels a lot more confident, the way she carries herself changes and to know that you participated in that transformation makes me feel so elated."

What success do you want to achieve? "I want to complete my Bachelors Degree so that I can focus fully on my business (Glamourized By Vivientann) and continue to empower women."

All the best on your road to success Vivian...

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Peace. Happiness. Success.

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