Thursday, 30 July 2015

Road to success EP83!

Nadia's Road To Success:

Name: Nadia Singh-Snyders

Occupation: "Besides being a Mom, Wife and Part-time Accounts Student, I'm currently a Trainee in the field I am studying and Blogger in between at Shiny Sequins Blog."

Goals: "To be successful and most importantly Happy at whatever I do. To complete my degree, to travel and long term wise to become an Entrepreneur someday."

What is success? "To me it's really about being happy in whatever you do and not about the amount of money you make. Success also doesn't come easy in life, you need to work hard, persevere and have lots of patience, success doesn't just happen over night for everyone, it might take longer for some. Listen to that little voice inside your head that keeps saying "Go on, Don't give up". No matter how long something takes, Never Give Up on your dreams."

What success have you achieved? "Personally I'm still growing each day, success is an ongoing thing. Years ago when I completed my financial Management Diploma I realized it wasn't enough and I needed to study further to make a success, I realize now success is ongoing, you'll always want more and always strive for more, so even if I complete my degree I'll probably feel I need to study further. In my personal life I feel I'm very successful (laughing), being married at a young age in this life is very difficult but we managed to overcome all obstacles over the years and after ten years I can still say I am happily married. 
In the blogging world I'm fairly new, not a year yet, while following other bloggers for a while I always wanted my own, it took a lot of guts but I started my own blog from scratch, struggling for days, setting up different social media accounts and to see it grow over months and being featured on other blogs and pages on Instagram makes me happy and enjoy it even more, it was not what I expected when I started, it's a hobby I really enjoy and began blogging for the fun of it."

What success do you want to achieve? "Like I've mentioned previously I would like to complete my degree, be a success in the Accounting/Finance sector, travel and see the beautiful world out there, become an entrepreneur someday and provide employment.
I would love to see my blog grow from hobby into a business, work with great brands and collaborations, meet other bloggers, maybe become a full-time paid Blogger (who wouldn't want that hey?) and continue to inspire with my modest wear."

All the best on your road to success Nadia...

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Peace. Happiness. Success.


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