Friday, 3 July 2015

Road to success EP82!

Sinako's Road To Success:

Name: Sinako Bomela

Occupation: "I am currently employed as a Lab Assistant at the University of Free State where I am a full time Student completing my Masters in Human Rights Law. I am a Stylist and Style Blogger, a Fashion Contributor on and a Writer for CentralVibe on"

Goals: "My goal in life is to grow in all areas of my life, as a person to my relationships, finances and my career. I believe that having set no limits to exactly how far I want to go, I can achieve what is beyond possible."

What is success? "I believe success is directly proportional to satisfaction. When you are satisfied with what you have achieved for yourself to the extent that your dreams and reality become one."

What success have you achieved? "I have successfully completed my LLB degree in record time in the past year, which I am so proud about as I had been working and studying full time in order to ease the financial burden from my mother who is a single parent to my brother and I. I am also enrolled for my LLM degree, which only a few get selected for. There is also a balance between my work, relationship and finances which I consider success as it is a strive to succeed in one without having the others to suffer." 

What success do you want to achieve? "I am yet to influence the South African legal system and the application of law through my legal writings which I am yet to see published, building our country and see the realization of the goals set by our forefathers. Then one day when all is said and done I can proudly say I fulfilled the purpose of my life."

All the best on your road to success Sinako...

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Peace. Happiness. Success.

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