Saturday, 21 March 2015

Road to success EP63!

Zareef's Road To Success:

Name: Zareef Minty

Occupation: Law Student, Politician and Entrepreneur

Goal: "I have about 50 goals every single year but two of the most important goals in life are: to become extremely influential and improve the lives of millions of people positively with that influence."

What is success? "Obviously success means different things to different people, for me success is not just achieving the goals you set for yourself but also impacting the lives of the people you get into contact with to achieve those very goals. For me, success is when my achievements and work ethic inspire and motivate others to become better."

What success have you achieved? "To be honest I haven't achieved anything as yet, the goals I set for myself are extremely complex. However I am grateful for the experiences and accolades I have received and experienced like being the youngest National Youth President of any political party in a National Election, making the Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans list and finally publishing my first book called EMPIRE which will hit stores really soon." 

What success do you want to achieve? "I would love to be in the national assembly, hold a position in the executive of the government and own at least 2 multi-million dollar companies. Law is something I really have a passion for so I might take a legal route as well."

All the best and good luck on your road to success Zareef... 

Visit his website Zareef Minty at and follow Zareef on twitter @ZareefSMB.

It is really refreshing to see a young man have such big goals, but also one that (in my opinion) has achieved so much already. It's great to know it's possible. Thank you for being an inspiration to our youth Zareef!

Peace. Happiness. Success.


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