Monday, 19 January 2015

Road to success EP56!

Hypress' Road To Success:

Name: Melanie Ramjee aka Hypress

Occupation: Publicist, Mom, Social Media Addict.

Goal in life: Be happy, Enjoy life, Work Hard and get Rich.

What is success? Success is when you achieve what you have set up to do, be it in your career, family life or even in church. Success is achieving your own goals. 

What success have you achieved? 

  • Motherhood, well giving birth, I am still figuring out the rest.
  • Owning my own business.
  • Having my own blog. 
  • Managing my own household. 
  • Buying my own house.

What success do you want to achieve? 

  • Motherhood as mentioned previously. 
  • Getting married to my soul mate.
  • Growing my business to a full fledged operation. 
  • Having a daughter. 
Good luck on your road to success Hypress and a wonderful and successful year ahead...

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Peace. Happiness. Success.


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