Saturday, 10 January 2015

Road to success EP55!

Tammy's Road To Success:

Name: Tamlyn Jacobus

Occupation: I'm a web developer by day, Blogger by night and then of course my other two jobs, Mother to Mila Thandi and Wife to my one and only Camilo.

Goal in life: My goals in life is to be the best at what I do. Mother, Wife, Developer and Blogger. I'm a fiercely competitive and ever since birthing my daughter, it's become my life's mission to make her proud to call me mom. 

Another goal of mine is to empower women. Women of all ages, races and sizes, To show them that no one is perfect but that doesn't mean that you have to hide from the world, go out, be bold, be fierce.

What is success? Success to me is many things, most importantly personal fulfillment. The moment you feel fulfilled with your life is the moment you've reached success. 

Success is not money, work title or how feared you are by others but more the legacy you leave behind and if you're satisfied with what your biography will read.

What success have you achieved? I've achieved being at the company I set my mind to, even though I was told I'd never have the skill-set to be part of the best agency in the country. I used that negativity and turned it into positivity by proving that I am good enough to be part of the best and to be the best! I've successfully found and married my soul mate as well as giving birth naturally to my gorgeous daughter Mila Thandi.

What success are you yet to achieve? I've climbed the ladder in my industry, starting from the bottom as an intern and now, I'm part of a group of individuals who strive to be the best, produce the best and outshine the rest. I aim to achieve success in my blogging career the same way I've managed to do in my professional(day-to-day) career. 

All the best on your journey and in the year ahead Tamlyn...

Visit to see what she has to offer on her wonderful blog and follow her on twitter @TammyJacobus.

Peace. Happiness. Success.

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