Sunday, 13 September 2015

Road to success EP95!

Omoyele's Road To Success:

Name: Omoyele Oluwatomisin Ogundipe

Occupation: Fashion blogger/Retail associate

Goals: "To be the best person I can be. To grow daily in regards to spirituality with God. To be the best wife and mother I can be to my future husband and kids and to become a renowned fashion entrepreneur in Africa."

What is success? "This is probably the hardest question because there are so many definitions for success and all of them are right in one sense or the other. However, success to me is a lot of things. It is about setting a goal and achieving it. It is about being relentless and consistent in the pursuit of self development which goes on to affect the work that you do. Success is not about power or money, I think it is a more internal thing. It is about loving who you are and what you do. Most importantly, it is about being at peace with yourself."

What success have you achieved? "I would consider myself my greatest success. I went through a lot of challenges as a teenager and I must say that I am really proud of who I have become. I have grown immensely in so many areas of my life and I can not help but anticipate the future. I have also been successful in chasing my dreams in fashion industry but I believe that I will do much more in the near future."

What success do you want to achieve? "I plan to bag a Masters Degree in a fashion related course sometime next year so I hope everything works out as planned. I feel like my Masters Degree is one of the the major reasons as to why I haven't gone after some dreams of mine so I am very eager to accomplish that. I have more goals that I plan to successfully achieve but this is the most important one to me right now."

All the best on your road to success Omoyele...

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Peace. Happiness. Success.

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