Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Living on Borrowed Time.

As I was sitting in Church a few months ago listening to the pastor preaching, an idea came to mind. The sermon was about 'Time' and so I had a brilliant idea to make a post about 'Time'. 

What you read above was what I had written almost a year ago. I have been procrastinating. At first I did not understand why, but now as the few months have passed, I now understand why now is the perfect time to finish the post. I needed to go through a few things before I could understand and have the knowledge to write this post. By now I'm sure you know that what has passed was not only months, but weeks too. Not only days, but hours too. Time passed, something I can never have back. So let me get started...

I came to realize and accept that every living organism on this earth is living on borrowed time. Now what do I mean by borrowed time well exactly that. Our time on Earth is borrowed, it isn't ours to keep, ours to know, ours to control ours to own and definitely not ours to change. What do I mean by this? Let me explain by asking you 3 simple questions: 

  1. How long do you have to live?
  2. Once your time runs out, will you be able to reset it?
  3. Do you control time, can you pause it or rewind?
Those are only a few questions. The answers to those questions are simple. NO! NO! And NO to all three. Therefore it is not our time we living on rather borrowed time.

According to the definition of 'borrowed', there will come a point when we have to return/give back this 'time' that we were borrowed. This brings me to this, if time is really our most valuable resource then why do we waste it? Because once it's gone and our time has run out, there's nothing we can do to bring it back. Think about it, let it sink in. Why then do we waste it?

Our time is limited, therefore it should not be wasted. Let me ask you, if you had a R100 left in your account, would you spend it on alcohol or on food for the week? If you think like me then the answer would obviously be on FOOD for the week because spending it on alcohol would be a waste. Food would last and it would provide me with the nutrients I need to get through the week, alcohol on the other hand would be a "Now" thing, it would serve it's purpose and nothing more, it would not get me through the week or add any value to my life. Now if we consider time in this instance, it would be the R100. Wasting our time on things or people that do not benefit our lives or add any value to it is like the alcohol. On the other hand the following things I'm about to mention would be like food: Doing the things we love, spending time with our loved ones, setting goals and achieving them, going after our dreams, investing in ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally and most importantly loving ourselves and being kind to the world and each other. 

So which would you spend your precious time on... actually let me rephrase the question. Which one of these have you been spending your time on? Have you been wasting your precious, borrowed and non renewable resource or have you been using it the best way possible? Think about it, no seriously just really think about it. To be honest I did waste a lot of time in the past, but now that I know better and have learnt so much, the wasting of time and taking it for granted has stopped and I will continue to use my borrowed time wisely. I do not want to look back years from now and think "Damn, I wasted the little time I had!". Regret is the worst thing one can have and experience. 

So I urge you all today, please start using your time wisely. It's a precious thing and if I had a choice to have more money or more time, I'd definitely opt for more time because let's be honest money cannot buy you time but time can always bring you money if you work for it

Peace. Happiness. Success.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. –Steve Jobs

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