Monday, 8 June 2015

Road to success EP77!

Kamara's Road To Success:

Name: Kamara Sivada

Occupation: "CEO of the fashion empire VADA."

Goals: "My goals in life is to become a highly successful business woman, I would like to expand my fashion label into an international phenomenon and also be listed on Forbes top most successful female entrepreneurs in Africa, I want to become BIG, FAMOUS, SUCCESSFUL! The sky is truly the limit for my Empire!"

What is success? "Success to me is being someone that doesn't have to introduce himself or herself because people already know who you are. Success is being respected and proving that what you have is a result of hard work and determination."

What success have you achieved? "Many! I started my business when I was 21, this is something that I am extremely proud of because being this young in business has taught me so much to achieving real success; I am also one of the youngest established fashion designer owners and businesswomen in South Africa. I have met so many influential people in my industry that have inspired my success, and just being an inspiration to women that look up to my fashion label is a success on its own."

What success do you want to achieve? "There is so much on the agenda. I work really hard and I am strong headed, I am determined to showcase at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week soon. I also want to hit an international market, expand my business into another product/service and invest into property.
Besides travelling the world, starting my own TV show and taking over the fashion industry there is so much on my list that you will just have to wait and see."

All the best on your road to success Kamara...

To keep up with her lifestyle and to learn more about her and her empire then visit her website and follow Kamara on *Twitter @KamaraGoddess and *Instagram @kamaragoddess.

P.S Take it from me... Their clothing is amazing! Perfect for any occasion!

Peace. Happiness. Success.

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