Thursday, 19 February 2015

Road to success EP59!

Eduarda's Road To Success:

Name: Eduarda Loureiro 

Occupation: Blogger and Graphic Designer

Goals: We all have different goals in life depending on what stages we are in. As of now, one of my main goals is to find a job as a Graphic Designer in New York City. Secondly, take my blog as high up as I can and work on it the best way I can - I consider it my full time job! Thirdly, I want to be able to transform this into my career because it's one of the things I really love doing and feel very strongly about.  

What is success? "Success, Success can be defined many ways. I don't feel it comes down to only the things you achieve but how you achieve them and what you do with it. I feel successful when it comes to my relationship with my husband because we invest a lot in both of us and are very close. I believe success can come down in many shapes and we can be successful in different areas of our life without interfering with each other. I don't believe you can achieve it at other people's expenses but through your own. You have to be able to risk, to know you are doing the best you can and remain true to what your goal is, it will eventually show it's fruits." 

What success have you achieved? "I have a successful relationship with my husband - it's very organic, very natural and easy going. I feel like I have a successful and growing blog - trying to build a community around it. And I feel I'm in the right place to succeed in my career."

What success do you want to achieve? "I want to be able to work and grow my experience in the design field. Be able to work with some of the greatest designers in New York. Do work that matters and not only meaningless small jobs. Again, bring my blog ( to the next level, create a community, get it out there and do something big with it - I cannot be too specific on this one. Be financially independent - and this is probably the most important one."

All the best on your journey Eduarda...

Visit her stunning blog I Life You at and follow her on twitter @eduardasousaL.
Peace. Happiness. Success.



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