Sunday, 1 February 2015

17 Goals for 2015 that will help you achieve optimum success in your life!

I realize it's February and some people may think it's too late to set goals. Notice I said goals and not resolutions. People have this habit of disregarding resolutions and fail to achieve their 'New Years Resolutions' and that's why I say goals because with goals comes discipline and it's a better word to use I think. It's never too late to set goals, let me say that again... It's never too late to set goals!!! Goals can be set daily, monthly or yearly. So I jotted down a few goals I personally think we all should have on our 'Goals for 2015' list.

  1. Let go of the past. I cannot stress this point enough. Learn from the past and move on, don't dwell in it and definitely do not make it an excuse of why you can't do certain things in 2015.
  2. Learn from your mistakes. Okay look it's 2015 now, you can't still be doing the same mistakes as you did the previous years, it's time to learn and do better.
  3. Be grateful. People take this to be an irrelevant concept and really it is not. Being grateful reminds you of how lucky you are, even if you have a little it's enough. Until you get where you want to be, you need to be happy and grateful with what you currently have. 
  4. Set goals. 
     Goals make your path more clear. It gives you an insight of where you want to be and therefore helps you decide and plan how you'll get there. 
  5. Achieve Success - Work Hard and Work Smart. Now if this was easy we all would be doing it. If you have your goals in sight and you know what you have to do to achieve them then the rest has to do with work and effort. You need to work hard, it isn't about how long you work but when you do work you have to work hard and smart. Be efficient and put all your focus into that one goal or vision until you have achieved it. It won't come easy but trust me you can and you will do it!
  6. Manage your time. Time management is one of the most important things in life. If you can learn to manage your time and to be disciplined and diligent then you're halfway to achieving your goals and you'll definitely achieve more that way.
  7. Be Positive. Think Positive and positive things will happen even if they don't it'll help you go through the bad times with your head up high and a positive outlook in life. Life is better positive!
  8. Education. Knowledge is Power (I stay saying this as you all know, because it's true)! You can never know enough, expand your mind, read more and know more.  
  9. Manage your finances. Save MORE, Spend LESS. Minimize your debts before you can think of spending. Sometimes what you want isn't always what you need. If you can live without it then you don't need it until you are debt free. Aim to live a debt free life. 
  10. Make your health a priority! Exercise, Eat well, Take vitamins, Go for check ups, Drink a lot of water, Keep healthy, Stress less.
  11. Give a little of your time to those who need it. Volunteer your hours to the needy. Help where you can. 
  12. Spend more time with family and friends! This is straightforward! Life is too short, spend it with those that matter most. 
  13. Love thyself. Be kind to yourself. Spoil yourself, Take care of yourself. Do everything you can to be a better version of you! Make yourself happy. 
  14. Respect others. Be kind and most of all treat others like how you would want them to treat you (Luke 6:31).
  15. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are You period. You can't still want to compare yourself or envy other people. This is a goal that I want to achieve because I do sometimes still compare myself and it is not right. We all have different paths and purposes in life so don't want someone else's life when you have your own to focus on. Focus on your life and making it better for you! 
  16. Stay Inspired! This will help you and encourage you to tackle your goals each and every day. People who lack motivation tend to give up or do half jobs. Get motivated and inspired every day. Have a visual dream board or put up pictures of the things you want all over your room. Remind yourself every day why you doing this! 
  17. Do things you enjoy. Do activities or things that make you happy and that bring a smile to your face. Enjoy the little things and have as much fun as you can!
Good luck and have an amazing year. Make it an extraordinary one. 
Peace. Happiness. Love. Success.


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