Tuesday, 9 September 2014

5 Things I wish I could tell my Teenage Self!

Firstly I want to put it out there that I was not a bad teenager. I got 70% and above at school and I did sports. My weekends comprised of going to sports competitions and fun times here and there. So I wasn't a bad or rebellious teenager per say but I wish I did some things differently. I wish I knew then how life is now then I would have done more of certain things and less of others. Nevertheless I do not regret a second of my teenage life.

5 Things I wish to tell my Teenage Self:

  1. Friends and popularity. We all know that high school was mainly about if you were popular or not. I didn't care much about that and I thank my teenage self about it. Friends were a very big part of my life and still are. I'm still friends with about 3 or 4 of my high school friends if I'm not mistaken. I'm so glad that I learnt from a very young age that not everyone you meet or hang out with is a friend, not everyone will be your friend and that in reality you will have more acquaintances than you do friends. Don't try and make everyone like you. I'm proud of myself because I grasped this concept from a young age.
  2. Don't care about what people say about you, their opinions don't matter. People love to talk and most of the time it's all negative things they talk about. In High School especially gossip was quite big. So I'd like to say to my teenage self that Well Done! Well done for not caring much about what people thought and only caring about what your loved ones and close friends had to say. Also I learnt from a very young age of 7 in Grade 1 that people will dislike my sister and I off the bat because we were twins (Crazy right?!). So my mom taught us to shut that out especially because they would always make us feel bad because of how were were dressed (We dressed alike for a very long time - till the end of matric to be honest) and how we looked so alike and got lots of attention from people. And as I entered my teenage years that came naturally although the unnecessary and to be honest pathetic comments about us being twins and all the petty things they said about it continued, all I did was block it out and having my sister by my side made it tons easier!
  3. Life can be cruel, people can be cruel too but don't let that change who you are. Walk tall and keep your head up high. I was never bullied in high school but there was always that group of people who thought everyone feared them and always had a lot to say about other people. They were to an extent cruel people but regardless of those people, Stay true to you. Being you is the best you can be, don't let them change how and who you are. Those people are a very good lesson in life and great practice for the real life that comes after high school. Life can be cruel but if you learn from a young age to not let cruel things or cruel people affect you or change the type of person you are then you'll survive and strive in life, cruel or not.
  4. Relationships... It's okay to be single. Almost every girl in high school had a boyfriend. Throughout high school I was single because no one really caught my eye in terms of being a potential boyfriend. Other than the fact that my parents always told us to wait until we were out of high school to get boyfriends, there was a thought of "why am I single?". So I want to tell my younger self that, it is okay to be single. You experienced it, focused on other things in high school and waited for the "right" guy and Voila!!! Fast forward into varsity and You have the most amazing boyfriend and future husband you could have ever imagined.
  5. Be positive and see the good in everyone and everything. No matter what situation you're in stay positive. Cherish the the little things like hanging out with friends during break. Enjoy the free time you have because when you get to varsity, free time becomes a luxury. Most importantly continue to follow your dreams and passion and in all things, Never Give Up!
I'm proud of my teenage self, I wouldn't change a thing about it. I got good grades, did sports and even got my Protea (South African) colours in one of the sports I did, I kept my head up high, had amazing friends and enjoyed every bit of high school and of course the parties. I respected myself and that showed. I was confident and did what I had to do. Like I said there's not much I'd change as a teenager, overall I enjoyed my teenage years... loved every bit of it actually.


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