Monday, 8 September 2014

10 Short Facts about me...

I realized that I haven't really shared much about myself on this blog except my actually thoughts. So I figured I could do 10 short facts about me so you guys can get a slight idea of who I am. These are honest facts about me! I'll share more of myself as time goes.

10 Short Facts About Me:

  1. My full name is Khanyisile Nomathemba Ndebele but almost everyone calls me Khanyi. My mom calls me Kay!
  2. Born and raised (and Striving) in one of the most amazing countries (My personal opinion) - South Africa.
  3. I am a Medical Student.
  4. I am an identical twin and yes we both study medicine and have ALMOST similar lives!
  5. For me Family is the most important thing, second to God of course! I am Christian and strong in my faith. My family means the most to me, my family being my actual family and my boyfriend and close friends.
  6. I don't have many friends just because I don't believe everyone you meet or speak to or happen to bump into now and then is a friend. I have many acquaintances but a few friends that I can count on one or two hands at most. My friends mean the world to me and I'd do anything for them!
  7. I love animals, especially dogs! I grew up with dogs and can't imagine a life without one.
  8. I've always had dreams of travelling the world! I love travelling in general since my parents always made it a point for us to go to different places from a young age, to see what the world holds. I've been to 2 other countries - USA and Mozambique. My 'have to go to' countries are Dubai, Jamaica, The Bahamas, some countries in Europe, Morocco, some countries in the Middle East and all the Asian countries. Not to mention Mauritius, the Seychelles, Bora Bora, Maldives and Zanzibar!
  9. I love all types of music, as long as the beat is amazing! I have a sick obsession for classical music (please don't judge me).
  10. I have a passion for helping people. That is partly why I want to be a doctor. I have so many ideas and plans to help people and over time I will make all those ideas come to life. I started this blog to also help people mentally and emotionally, to inspire and encourage people to chase their dreams and succeed in all that they do. Any way I can help I want to. I volunteer now and then but I want to be involved in more volunteering things so I can be the change I would love to see in this world!
I hope this helps you ladies and gents know a little more about me. There will be more about me in the next few months. 

Peace. Love. Happiness.


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