Sunday, 10 August 2014

Why Me? ... Why Not Me? Guest Blogger: Mathew Sissing

One of the most difficult questions the average human being can ask is ... "Why me?". "Why can't I have, look or do that?".

Well the question you should be asking is, "Why not me?".

Why not you?

Why do all the people YOU think and feel don't deserve the luxury living, have it all, while you are struggling to try get the slightest taste of the "Good Life"? Let me tell you an important point on this, the perception of it is amazing, the reality of it is ordinary. There will always be better, prettier, lovelier and more valuable things than what is currently available. One day there is an iPhone 10 that the world goes berserk over, a few months later the iPhone 11 will come out and, all hope and admiration for the iPhone 10 is lost. Isn't life the same way? Won't the admiration for things die out as more advanced and wowing products are being exhibited from day to day?

Well lets start from the beginning ... The first mistake we make is comparison.

Comparing your life to another person's life is the first mistake you can make in running your own life race.

In simpler terms ...

We as the ignorant and infant human being that we are at this particular phase in our race we take the first glance at something and make a quarter century conclusion out of it. We see someone driving in a car we desire, with a person we desire to look like with the materials we desire to have and immediately we are envious, jealous and sub-consciously we wish them failure. But my question is, do you know what their forefathers did that resulted in their family "eating" off the labor they did years prior to your ignorant conclusion? Do we know what the family has done to have that family member live such a lavish life?

How is it that we quick to justify someones success by merely referring to inheritance or family wealth while a "Low Down Dirty Shame" person achieved the same feature within their own power? Our goals and desires are to have our family have enough wealth for 5 generations but we fail to fathom that one day, the very same ignorant and envious person you were, is going to have that same mindset towards your family because you worked your ass off to have your family prosper? This is a cycle and mindset we have to cut.

I once met a young man who told me that he sold oranges to fund his matric dance. I was amazed by his determination and drive to have something regardless the look it gave him to the public (social circle). Would I do that to get something I really desire? Would I go to such lengths to fund a desire that would disappear within hours, though the memory is long lived? No I wouldn't (honestly speaking), so what gives me the right to later look at his success (wishing him well for the future) and say, "his family gave it to him".

We as human beings need to stop this cycle. There are hard working and honest people out there that are working hard to achieve the impossible. We need to support them and not break them down. The more I encourage and support them, my motivation and ambition is going to new levels.

I firmly believe that in order to have a strong back bone, I should never be crippled from the bottom upwards. In other words, in order for me to be highly successful, the people that play a pivotal role in my journey, need to give me constructive criticism and build me, not justify my laziness and weakness. My girlfriend (future wife) once told me I was acting like a coward because I couldn't face reality and that I was better than that, I was full of potential. As my lady, she did the tough love pose and went full out and head on. At the time I wanted to body slam her onto the floor and do an Eddie Guerrero splash (Just a Joke, wouldn't do that to her) but, I realized that it was out of love. I admire her for that.

Success is an aroma worn on the sweat of hard working individuals. It is available in 365ml of bottled up dosages. 1ml per day. This line of fragrance is called PAM - Perservance, Ambition and Motivation.

Stay tuned for part two of "Why Me? ... Why not me?"


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