Thursday, 14 August 2014

What on earth am I here for?

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.
Gautama Buddha 

What is your purpose? What is the meaning of your life? Why do most people never pursue their dreams? I have found that the most common answer of why people never pursue their dreams is because they believe they won't achieve them and that it is impossible for them to achieve them. It is normal for people to think this, which is why this is so baffling. You have already counted yourself out by telling yourself it's impossible, you haven't even tried to see if it can be done. How do you think others who are wealthy and successful have done it? If it was possible for them then surely it is possible for you too?! This mindset has to stop. You need to have a positive attitude towards your goals and dreams and an even stronger attitude on pursuing and achieving them. 

Here are a few things I want you to know:

  1. You need to work on yourself and work on your dreams. You need to find your purpose, set goals, work towards them and never give up till you've reached your set goals. Dreams require action so get up and go chase your dreams, sitting around and wasting time ain't gonna get you those dreams darling.
  2. Fear kills dreams. It can hold you back from what you're suppose to be doing. F.E.A.R!!! Such a short word yet has such a powerful hold on many people. Sad right?! You need to go beyond that fear. Fear keeps you at the same place, it does nothing for you and will not get you your dreams, ignore the fear and remember why you chasing your dreams.
  3. You need to be successful, yourself, You, nobody else. You need to make a commitment to yourself! This is very important. Don't try and be successful for anybody else but yourself. You can lie to everybody else but you cannot lie to yourself, therefore make a commitment to yourself. Push yourself. You need to get to a point where you are your own critic (Not in a negative way but in an honest way), You need to want to be successful and not need anyone else to tell you that. You need to chase your own dreams and not rely on other people.
  4. Do you want success as much as you want to party or more? Do you want success as much as you want to sleep? You have to ask yourself these questions because if you don't then you don't want success bad enough. If you're willing to sacrifice then you're on the right path of success. Now I won't lie to you guys, I am not perfect either and I still struggle with sacrificing sleep (I Love My Sleep!!!) and I'm not saying it's easy either, I find it challenging but I do my best. If you can honestly say that you do your best and that although you're struggling you're giving your all then that's good enough. Don't give up, your sacrifice will eventually become easier just keep at it.
  5. Get yourself together and start saying I can and I will and it'll happen. Figure out what you need to do to make it happen! Draw up a strategy or different ideas on how to go about achieving your dreams,when you're it!
  6. You can do it, other people have why can't you? What's stopping you? Keep on telling yourself that! It CAN'T be impossible if others before you have done it. 
  7. Stop making excuses. Excuses are just lies you keep telling yourself. Instead of making excuses, start making an effort. If you going through a tough time instead of quitting and making excuses, rather think of solutions or other ways to overcome your obstacle. It is a choice. Everything is a choice. Option 1: Make an excuse/Give up Option 2: Think of a solution on how to overcome your hurdle and press on. 

What on earth are you here for? Are you going to find your purpose and then live it or are you going to waste it? 

Tell me, how bad do you want it??


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