Sunday, 10 August 2014

What is your anesthetic to life?

What is your anesthetic to Pain? By this I mean, what do you do to deal with pain. How do you respond to pain? We often hear of people dealing with pain in ways such as: Drinking the pain away, Doing Drugs, Self mutilation etc. Pain is not what I want to deal with, Life is... Therefore I ask you, what is your anesthetic to life?

What do you do to deal with life - How do you deal with life? How do you deal with your goals and dreams? Do you go with the flow and let them linger as just dreams or do you strive to make them a reality. Do you strive to better your life or are you just living (more like surviving). What is your anesthetic to life? I know of people who choose to not work hard and choose to have things given to them on a silver platter, that is how they choose to live life, that is their anesthetic to life. Those exact people are the ones who most of the time choose to deal with life by partying, drinking and smoking their life away. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying partying, drinking (in moderation) and smoking (This for me is bad - Biased of me I know but oh well ;))  is bad, but if you are using those things to deal with your life then it is. That becomes your anesthetic to life, it becomes what makes you cope with life. You use all that to deal with life. 

Now some of you would ask, "But how's that a bad thing?" It is bad because those are temporary aids. You are using those things to help you through life, stress, pressure, problems etc... They become your 'go to' place every time you may be faced with a challenge. I think the only way to deal with life is to live it. In order to deal with it you need to get to the root problem and work through it and tackle obstacle by obstacle until you reach your goal. I want to ask those people who have these temporary aids, "When you are drinking is the pain worse than the hangover and bodily harm you doing to yourself?" "Is the smoking worth the cancer and clogged up lungs and 'never' ending stench?" "When you are out there partying it up ('Turning Up') and 'celebrating', what exactly is it that you are 'celebrating'? Because as long as you haven't reached your goals and dreams and fulfilled your purpose you have no business being out 'celebrating'."

Hard to hear but needed to hear. This especially goes out to the young people.... As long as you continue having unhealthy temporary aids to deal with short-comings instead of living life trying to make the best of it and using short cuts, you will never be successful and you will never conquer life, you will never live the life you were born and created to live. You will never be satisfied and never be independent of your temporary anesthetics. Instead of trying to temporarily survive life or numb your pain or struggles or obstacles, try facing them head on, let that make you stronger, independent and immune instead of numb to it all. 

Let your pain be your motivation to push through instead of your excuse to quit.

So I ask you... What is your anesthetic to Life?


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