Monday, 7 July 2014

Life on the streets is not the end of the road.

Hello Giants

What do I mean by the title? Well firstly I mean exactly that. Secondly to explain further, all I'm saying is that, there are many people on the streets, homeless people, and what I want to say is that, there is more to life, just because you are living on the streets it doesn't mean you will die there, it doesn't mean that you can not change your world around and do better or find a job or get an education. Many people think that once you're on the streets you'll stay there, and I won't pretend to be better I once thought so too, but then my mindset changed. My sister and I had just parked our car in Braamfontein in time for our nail appointment. Before we could enter the salon, a man and his sister stopped us. They were polite and friendly and tried their hardest to smile but you could see the pain and suffering through their eyes and the conditions they were in. They were white people but looked tanned only because of their dirt (I mention the race to kill this myth most South Africans have that only black people are suffering, this is not true, every race in our country has a select few that are suffering and are poverty stricken, it isn't only black people. Open your eyes and mind, Poverty is not racist, it affects all). The man asked for some money, so naturally we asked how much he wanted and what he would do with it. So with no hesitation he said he would buy bread for him and his sister to share and then also pay to stay the night at a shelter. I had never heard of this before and I had no idea you had to pay to stay at a shelter, I'm not sure if it was true or not but I asked a few people on the streets and most of them said it sure was true specifically with this certain shelter they were talking about. Still not sure if it is true or not (I'll try and find this out). The man further went on to say that, he just mostly needs the money for shelter because he was going to wash up there in the morning so he could go look for jobs at grocery stores as a teller or a waiter or any hard labour he could find so that he makes money for him and his sister. He wants to eventually put himself and his sister through college so they can have a diploma or degree in something. We ended up giving him money, enough for food and the shelter. I don't know where they are now and haven't seen them since but I hope and pray they are coming along fine. 

What am I trying to say actually? I'm saying that you can make something of yourself regardless of your situation. Homeless people who have 2 hands, 2 feet and a working body can go out there and find themselves a job, it doesn't have to be anything that seeks experience. I've noticed that they tend to think every job needs experience, which is not true, on the other hand they could be using this as an excuse, some of them are just darn lazy to be honest, they'd rather beg than work for money (anyway this is not the point). We had a gardener once who was homeless once upon a time. I know of companies that need men and women for piece jobs (Temporary work), or to carry things, like to move furniture, to wash cars, to clean the streets, to collect waste, be a gardener etc. These are not popular jobs but they give you an income no matter how small, it's better than nothing and going to sleep hungry. Once you've found a job, work yourself up, save a little and eventually work towards putting yourself in school and getting an education, make a plan and you could eventually be living your life instead of living to die.

I also believe in and support organisations that aim to make all this happen. Organisations that provide the homeless with shelter, food and clothing and then slowly help them regain their lives. We need more of these organisations to start helping and save a homeless life. Today I came across this video on YouTube and I found it so heart warming and inspiring. It is by the Amy Winehouse Foundation that aims to do the above that I mentioned and more, it also helps people who are dealing with addictions, such as alcohol and drugs. I think it's an amazing foundation, I'm impressed and they are really changing lives. It's based in the UK but I think all countries should have a foundation like this. 

Peace. Happiness. Success.

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