Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How to have a Good Day.

I know some days are such a drag and others are like world war 3. You look around you and people are all smiles. Happy and enjoying life and you wonder why. Well if there is one thing I've learnt first hand is that YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! So here are a few things I do to not only survive my day but to have a Good day sometimes even super Great :)

Step 1

  • Wake up grateful.
  • Wake up knowing your purpose for the day.
  • Wake up and recall all your goals and dreams that you are trying to achieve.
  • Wake up thankful that you are blessed with a new day and a new chance to start over and do better than yesterday.
Step 2

  • Have a good shower, get dressed (Look good and feel good), eat breakfast.
  • A glass of water won't hurt in fact it will be good for you.
  • Don't be late, arrive on time.
  • Before you leave home, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself it's going to be a great day no matter what happens.
Step 3

  • On your way to work, school, or wherever your destination is tell yourself that you are a success, your day will be successful and you will achieve everything you want to achieve in this day. 
Step 4

  • During the day keep on reminding yourself that you're great, that you're having a great day that no matter what it will stay a great day.
  • Be friendly, smile. Be positive throughout the day.
  • If something doesn't go your way or something bad happens, remind yourself that it isn't the end of the world.
  • Work hard and make sure you get everything done.
  • Don't forget to eat right and drink lots of water.
It's okay to have minor bad days now and then but always strive to make the best of your day. Instead of seeing the bad in a situation or your day, see the good in it. 

Don't waste your time being unhappy. Your happiness does not depend on your job, or people or your day or even your situation, it depends on you, so you need to make your own happiness and keep on being positive.


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